Neonatal Acne

As we all know that baby skin is usually smooth and tender. This can change sometime with baby skin appearance hence changing its look. Most babies develop some form of skin rash or acne, which may either be present at birth or develop during the first year. This normally makes parents worried and scared rushing for acne treatment without understanding the problem. It’s normally wise to visit the pediatrician when the condition worsens

What is Neonatal acne?
Neonatal acne is known to be a condition in newborn babies that leads to development of "pimples" resembling the acne experienced by teenagers. This is normally portrayed by red bumps, scattered whiteheads and irritated skin over the face, neck, and upper trunk. The baby will not be affected by the rash and there will be no fever or
irritability related to the rash.

What Causes Neonatal acne?
Some babies are usually born with acne on the face or body. However neonatal acne is caused by the passage of maternal hormones across the placenta during pregnancy.  When infants are born, these hormones persist for a short time, and the skin "thinks" it is entering puberty. The diagnosis in made on physical examination and no laboratory test are necessary. Neonatal acne does not leave scars. No treatment is necessary, and it will go away no matter what you do.

Neonatal acne Treatment or Cure
You can adopt simple remedies for Neonatal acne like regularly washing baby skin with clean water and mild soap.  You can speed up the resolution with this minor effort. If Neonatal acne that does not clear up on its own or in event that  it worsens, you  may need a prescription of 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream applied topically to the skin or an oral antibiotic. Remember to seek medical advice instead of buying over the counter drugs.

Some mothers have shared positive results by washing the scalp with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and using the lather on the scalp as a reservoir with which to wash the face will help to dry it up. Some have also used 1% hydrocortisone cream on the worst areas to combat some of the inflammation and redness.

Some mothers have advised that you have to be careful  with what you eat when breastfeeding because everything that you eat today will be in your milk tomorrow and there r certain foods that bodies need time to adjust to like garlic choc onion cabbage those types of foods.
You should also avoid the use of harsh soaps and detergents, either on the child’s skin or when washing the baby’s clothing, is recommended to avoid aggravating the newborn baby pimples.