What do I do if my Baby has Pimples?

Mothers are constantly searching for answers to their early parenting. You will always get them asking oh my baby has pimples what do i do now? another one will ask my one-month-old baby has pimples and i don't know if its a rush or baby acne?
If you realize that you have pimples on face or pimples on head, this is the answer most professional doctors and pediatricians will tell you. “There is nothing you can do, just leave it alone.” Baby pimples (baby acne) is best left alone, without any treatment. It is a common condition that affects many babies and is nothing serious to be worried of. The pimples usually disappear on its own after some time, when the baby reaches 6 months old.

What Causes baby pimples?
Neonatal acne is the name of the pimples you see on your baby's face. Many scientists believe that this pimple is related to the mother's hormones that are still present in the baby after birth. Neonatal acne typically goes away after a couple of months, and it’s not harmful to the baby.

Baby pimples Treatment Tips
Clean the area with the pimples at least twice a day, use water and trusted baby soap while cleaning. Do not use oils and lotions to manage baby pimples, they will only worsen and end up causing more irritation.

Some babies do get infant pimples or are simply having a reaction to the detergent, the soap you are using, perfume or other substance they are interacting with. Doctors do advice that babies don't need soap on their faces. Wiping them with a warm washcloth is fine, especially if they are reacting.

Some parents have reported that use of vinegar products on their baby’s skin. Always seek medical advice before using products to treat baby pimples ensure that you do not stuff the baby with too many blankets when asleep, because the skin needs fresh air to breathe.  

When do I see a Doctor?
1.    Sometimes the rashes can gain harshness, if your child feels irritated, and cries for some reason, see a doctor

2.    If the baby has acne even 3 months after birth, it is an indication that you need to see the doctor.