Pimples on baby's face Cure

You might have noticed something appearing on your baby’s face like small whiteheads, surrounded by red skin. This shows up at birth, but it can also appear in the first few weeks of life, usually on the cheeks, chin or forehead. Although pimples on baby’s face usually clears up on its own, simple cleaning techniques can speed the process and prevent new baby acne from forming.

How to cure Pimples on baby's face
The following are things you should consider doing to sooth you baby and they have proven to be good remedies for Pimples on baby's face

Wash your baby's skin with water and a gentle soap every day. Do not wash more than this, because over washing can irritate the skin and cause more acne.

Pat your baby's skin dry with a clean towel after cleansing. Avoid rubbing the skin dry, as this can irritate acne.

Wipe your baby's face gently and quickly if you notice any spit-up or milk. Either can worsen acne
Keep your baby dressed in light layers to prevent overheating. Too much heat can make acne worse.

Continue gentle cleansing daily to prevent future acne from occurring.

Never use acne medications made for adolescents and adults.

Never put oils or creams onto your baby's skin to treat acne.

Remember this
Do not worry too much about you’re the pimples on baby's face. It will not hurt your baby nor will it leave permanent scars.

If the baby pimple is severe and does not go away in the first sixth months, expect that your pediatrician may prescribe a mild medication to treat it.