Baby Pimples on body

Baby pimples on body are likely to appear on babies within 3 or 4 weeks after a baby is born and is evidenced by small red bumps or whiteheads across the cheeks, forehead and chin. Milia, or hard white pimple like bumps are also typical appearances on about 40% of newborn's faces immediately after birth, but are not considered acne.

Baby pimples on body usually clear up within a few weeks, but it can continue for months in some cases. If it doesn't clear up within three months, or you're concerned about it, talk with your baby's doctor. The doctor may prescribe a mild topical medication if the baby acne is long lasting or severe.

Most babies develop acne in and around the face, including the cheeks and sometimes on the scalp. Most lesions that develop will spontaneously resolve themselves within a four-month time frame, thus most newborn babies will not need treatment to clear up their acne. In many cases, baby acne disappears within several weeks.

Baby Pimples on Body Treatment
What you can do to ease inflammation and irritation in the area of the acne is to gently wash it with water. You can do this up to two times in a day until the acne disappears.

There’s really no need to use ay topical acne creams that adults use for their own acne problems. Babies have extra sensitive skin that might be hurt from using anti-acne creams made of chemicals. Instead of curing the problem, you might be aggravating the simple baby acne of your beloved child.

Small pinkish-red bumps, prickly heat usually appears on the parts of your baby's body that are prone to sweating, like the neck, diaper area, armpits, and skin folds. A cool, dry environment and loose-fitting clothes are all you need to treat prickly heat rash which can even be brought on in winter when baby is over bundled. Try dressing baby in layers that you can remove when things heat up.

Babies can inhale the very fine grains of talcum powder, which could cause lung problems. So it's best to avoid using talcum powder on your infant. A corn starch-based powder is considered safer. But yeast, which can cause diaper rash, feeds on corn starch. So to protect baby skin, you're better off skipping the powder. 

There is no cure for baby pimples on body, if you have to use baby pimples treatments, consult your doctor before using them, DO NOT use over the counter drugs.